About IFM


Discover the path of IFM and it’s journey to becoming a rising industry standard

 What is IFM?

IFM, or “Intentional Firearm Microstamping,” is when a firearm is internally imprinted with unique codes to the firing pin or breech of a semiautomatic/automatic gun. This intentional marking then transfers to cartridges when fired. These codes are unique to each firearm. This is done through laser micro-machining and enables law enforcement to track weapons used at the scene of a crime without having the physical firearm in possession.


How Does IFM Work


Explore the unique process of how intentional firearm microstamping is implemented into semiautomatic and automatic handguns

History of IFM


Discover the key defining moments of how intentional fire microstamping came into the spotlight as well as how it has evolved.

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