IFM1000 and IFM2000 Systems

TACLABS products are based on the idea that the application of combinatorial innovation of lasers, automation, and software can provide a law enforcement forensic opportunity to tackle the public health crisis that illegal firearm trafficking creates within our society. Technologically focused TACLABS IFM1000 and IFM2000 product lines provide a turnkey machine tool solution to firearm manufacturers to incorporate microstamping technology within their firearms to assist law enforcement in their mission combating firearm trafficking.

With over 30+ years of laser system design and development, the IFM product line is a hybrid of existing work-hardened techniques used for the manufacture of products such as inkjet nozzles, advanced drug delivery systems, and the latest semiconductors used in everyday personal electronics.

For Microstamping Services, see our program Pin Recon 



IFM System Microstamping Control

IFMXTM Control Software is based on a code generating engine and proprietary laser control sequence that selectively removes material to form the microstamping structure without changing the material’s physical properties.

IFMXTM Control Software is a Windows 10 based architecture with seamlessly distributed intelligence. Automation such as bowl/linear feeders, robotic pick & place for high volume production, and standardized XYZ motion systems can be utilized for pallet processing.  The operator requests the codes needed for the day based on a work order or through a manufacturer’s ERP/MRP system transferred data and executes the product run.

IFMXTM Control Software provides levels of access limited to operator functions as well as maintenance functions and diagnostics.  Each system can be customized to employee ID numbers, barcode scanners, or vision QR Code scanning.

Cloud TacticalTM Code Link
CLOUD TACTICAL is a TACLABS code distribution service that downloads batches of microstamping codes to a TACLABS IFM system on the manufacturers’ production floor on demand.  This distribution ensures that unique codes are delivered to the manufacturer without duplicates being created.

IFMXTM Control Software Display

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